Vshare helper

Vshare helper

We all know about vShare and what it does. For the readers who are not aware as to what is vShare. It is an app in iOS market which lets us download and installs paid apps for free by opening a customized Apple Store in itself.

What is vShare Helper?

It is a tool that helps you to install vShare Pro on your Apple iPhone/Mac/iPad device by connecting to your Windows PC. You can also backup your files and add songs directly into your Music app. vShare Professional is sleek than the old vShare app and once downloaded & Installed, It will allow you to install all kinds of applications, games, ringtones, etc., whether on your device or via your PC using vShare Helper.

Important: If you are a Mac user with a system running Mac OSX , follow our tutorial for vShare Mac.

Jailbreaking is a wondrous thing because it gives us access to tons of apps, mods, and tweaks that we can use to modify our iPhone and iPad. It used to be that you could only get paid games for free by jailbreaking but that has changed with the release of a new tool called vShare Pro.

vShare Helper Download and Installation

vShare Helper Download and Installation

You don’t need to jailbreak to get this but the steps to installing it are not quite as straightforward as just downloading an app from iTunes. However, to help you along, there is a little tool called vShare Helper.

How to install vShare Helper:

1. First, make sure you are on the latest version of iTunes otherwise vShare Professional will not work properly.

Vshare helper

2. Open the browser on your PC and download vShare Helper (link). Mac users follow the vShare Mac tutorial first and then proceed further.

3. After downloading the vShare Helper app run the application. This is a completely safe procedure and will install vShare Helper onto your computer.

Vshare helper

4. The vShare Helper wizard will now pop up on your screen – choose where you want to install it to.

vShare Helper wizard

5. Select IPA File Auto Associate and then click on Install.

6. When the installation is complete, click GO.

7. You will now be asked to connect your iPhone or iPad to your computer – do so

8. A screen will appear – in the bottom right corner you will see the vShare icon and beneath it, it should say When complete, it will say Idle and Used Space

9. Tap on the blue icon for vShare – this will install vShare Professional onto the ios device connected to the computer

10. Click on the App tab to search for apps and games that you want to install on your device. There is a full store of both genuine paid and free apps and jailbreak app to choose from

11. Note that the tab for Music requires you to have iTunes installed – any music downloaded from here will be put straight into your Music app.

Steps to Install Apps using vShare Helper:

  1. Go to App tab & Click on it.
  2. Install the app you want and click on that
  3. On the left side, menu click on App when the download is complete. You will see whichever apps you have downloaded. Now click on anyone you want to Install.
  4. When you see 100% Installation it means app is installed and click to open that.

Install and enjoy the application.

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